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KiwiSaver and retirement planning

KiwiSaver is a great way to plan for your retirement, and we are able to find you a KiwiSaver scheme that will provide you with your needs.  

KiwiSaver will hopefully provide you with a great contribution towards your retirement.  However, KiwiSaver may not provide you with the lifestyle you want in retirement.  For example, the ability to take off overseas on a dream holiday, or what about if you decide you want to retire early?  The other problem currently with KiwiSaver is that it is a relatively new way to save for retirement, and if you are planning to retire in the next few years, you may not have built up enough of a nest egg to give you the lifestyle you will want for your retirement.  In which case other investments may prove necessary to meet your aspirations.

We are able to help you by coming up with a tailor made retirement investment plan to suit your future needs and aspirations.  Such a plan will help to supplement your KiwiSaver scheme account savings so that retirement does not have to be a struggle when you reach retirement age.

Investment planning - Free financial health check

Do you know what position your finances are in or how to plan for the future?  If the answer is no, you are not alone.  We have helped many clients over the years come up with investment plans.  Planning where to put your money and what to invest in is complicated with so many products available.  What is a risky or safe investment?  That is where we can help you

Our role

We care about our clients.  Our role is to:

  • Assist you to determine your actual needs
  • Select and advise on a range of options
  • Review and update as your needs and products change
  • Assist in any claims processes
  • Achieve best value for money

With over 7500 satisfied clients since 1970, we know we can provide the right advice for you.

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